Moves - Let your iPhone tell you how much you move.

Tinder - Tinder connects you with interesting people nearby.

QuizUp - QuizUp is the biggest trivia game ever with more than 150,000 questions in over 250 topics.

Lyft - Lyft is a mobile app for friendly, affordable rides at the tap of a button.

iPoe - Illustrated & Interactive Edgar Allan Poe Collection for iOS.

Knoala - Knoala offers activities for parents to enjoy with infants to preschoolers.

StockTouch - StockTouch is a powerful and intuitive app that helps you monitor the stock market.

SleepBot - A beautifully simple sleep app for better mornings.

Epoch - a smart and beautiful way to watch what you care about. effortless entertainment.

Vivino - Vivino is a wine database where users can buy, rate & review wine.